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The Ideal Lifts Frame System ensures that only standard Light Gauge Steel (LGS) walls are required, replacing costly and time-consuming bespoke load bearing hot rolled steel walls and complicated fixings. In the essence of offsite construction our system aides a fast and efficient completion of the building programme.

By engaging with Ideal Lifts early in the design process you will benefit from our expert technical design experience to ensure you get the best fit passenger lifts to meet your needs. We offer additional options for your choice of design finishes or technical capabilities available to suit your specific passenger lift requirements.

Our passenger lifts range are suitable for a variety of applications, with experience in all sectors including special expertise in residential and new build apartments, student accommodation and group care homes, we are here to work with you for all your passenger lift requirements.

Our Eco-Drive range of lifts are designed for low-rise buildings below 6 floors, offering cost effective passenger lift solutions with the additional option of single phase 240V electrical supply.

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Frame System Benefits

Only requires standard LGS walls

Full range of lift finishes and options

Speeds up production throughout the factory

Cost certainty, no waste and speed of installation

Compact footprint – Full .dwg files available in CAD

No special fabrication or additional steelwork required

No channels required for lift guides and landing entrances

Removes need to make shaft wall flush around fixing channels

Includes lifting beams, pit ladder and does not require scaffolding

Simple design - Fixing points and lifting beams incorporated in our frame

Provides a more robust solution when shaft walls are next to habitable rooms


Ideal Lifts Frame system


Please contact us for plan DWG drawings


Our most popular models are detailed below, please call us to discuss additional lift models and sizes not listed below.

 CapacitySystemDriveShaft Width mm To PlasterboardShaft Depth mm To PlasterboardsPit Depth Below FFL
* EN81-20/50 Compliant
Headroom (overrun) Above FFL
IL3-F-4506 PersonHydraulic: 3 panel doorsMRC1595178010803450
IL4-F-450-C6 PersonCompact Gearless Traction: 3 panel doorsMRL1595178010803650
IL4-F-450-C6 PersonCompact Gearless TractionMRL1650174010803650
IL4-F-630-C8 PersonCompact Gearless TractionMRL1700190010803650
IL4-F-630-C8 PersonCompact Gearless Traction: 3 panel doors (900mm)MRL1700196010803650
IL3-F-6308 PersonHydraulicMRC1750190010803450
IL4-F-6308 PersonGearless TractionMRL1850190010803650
IL3-F-100013 PersonHydraulicMRC1895264010803450
IL4-F-100013 PersonGearless Traction 2 panel doors (900mm)MRL1930265010803650

Note: All models 800mm doors (2-panel side opening) unless otherwise specified.
* Reduced pit depths are available on some models, compliant with EN81-20/50. Contact us for details.

Light Gauge Steel Passenger Lift Installations

Lift Guide

8 person frame mounted passenger lift for OFFSITE construction

IL4 F 630kg CNR Data Sheet

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The Ideal Solution

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Further Information

IL3 Eco-Drive, Energy efficient passenger lift, Ideal Lifts Frame System, timber frame lifts, modular lifts, offsite

The IL3 Eco-Drive

The IL3 Eco-Drive motor room-less (MRL) gearless traction drive passenger lift is ideal for low or medium rise buildings and for moderate use. It’s a perfect cost-effective and energy efficient solution for your project. Our IL3 ensures a smooth safe ride with low noise, using 35% less electricity and can achieve 2 BREEAM credits. A low EN81-20 compliant pit depth can be provided reducing material and construction costs.
Ideal Lifts Frame System for OFFSITE

The Ideal Lifts Frame System

The Ideal Lifts Frame System is an innovative stand-alone structure that negates the need for traditional concrete lift shaft construction. Smarter than traditional construction, its unique design ensures that that only a standard lift shaft is required. We understand about build time and budget, which is why our aim is to offer cost effective and time reducing solutions.
No Landing Rebates Data Sheet

No Landing Rebates

In response to feedback from our clients and partners we have eliminated complicated landing door rebates therefore simplifying the design, manufacture, construction and fire lining of your passenger lift shafts.

Automatic Response Monitoring (ARM)

Our advanced 24/7 Automatic Response Monitoring (ARM) system provides building owners, managers and users additional confidence and peace of mind.
Ideal Lifts IL2 Hybrid designs, platform lift

The IL2 Hybrid Design

The IL2 hybrid designs offer much of the functionality of a conventional passenger lift, with a fully enclosed cabin and automatic ‘one touch’ car and landing controls. Automatic 2 panel sliding car and landing doors are included as standard. The IL2 is designed to fit in a greatly reduced pit and only requires minimum headroom. In keeping with EN81-41 the IL2 has a drive system designed for low use where speed is not an issue.

Full Width Landing Entrances

With a plethora of benefits to constructors our full width landing entrances can offer an alternative to time-consuming, costly and messy finishing on site. During construction, communal areas, such as landing hallways, are often completed towards the end of the programme. By reducing associated works by the contractor, full width entrances contribute to the earlier completion and handover of the building.

Open Protocol

Ideal Lifts install only open protocol products, parts and components and therefore your machine will not require specialist equipment, obtainable only through us, to enable the lift to be maintained by other qualified lift companies.
Digital Communications Platform (DCP) GSM

Digital Communications Platform (DCP) unit

An optional extra available for when communication connections are an issue. The Digital Communications Platform (DCP) unit provides the interface between the lift emergency telephone and mobile telephone network in cases when a dedicated hard wired live telephone is not available.
Accessibility Guidelines for passenger lifts

Accessibility Guidelines

EN81-70 and Part M of the Building Regulations cover accessibility in passenger lift design, further information can be found in our Accessibility guidelines.

240V Single Phase

No Three-Phase power supply? No problem! We have a range of single-phase passenger lifts to suit your needs. Call us to discuss your requirements.