Ideal Lifts are at the forefront of lifts for Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

The Ideal Lift Frame System (structure) ensures that only standard Light Gauge Steel (LGS) walls are required, replacing costly and time-consuming bespoke load bearing shafts and complicated fixings.

We include lifting beams and do not require scaffolding, providing cost certainty. In the essence of LGS construction our system aides a fast and efficient completion for the building program.


The Ideal Lift Frame offers the following benefits for LGS construction:

  • Standard wall sections can be used
  • No special fabrication required
  • Speeds up production throughout in the factory
  • No inserts to be supplied and fixed in the lift shaft walls
  • No lifting beams to be supplied and fixed in the lift shaft walls, therefore no loads imposed on building fabric removing the need for on site testing of lifting beams by constructors
  • No additional steelwork to support lift, support only required at floor ring beams and at the head of the shaft
  • Little or no special design time / loading calculations
  • No need to order / purchase / store non standard materials
  • Smaller footprint than standard lift shafts

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Derby - Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Development

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Ideal Lift Frame Overview

A brief overview - Ideal Lift Frame for Light Gauge Steel Construction

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