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Whilst older lifts rarely need to be completely replaced, they do need to be updated to remain reliable throughout the duration of their life, and to keep in compliance with modern standards and regulations.


Lift repair, refurbishment and modernisation works are typically very unique to the lift installed. With each project we undertake, we tailor our quotations to suit your own requirements and budget in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


We offer a comprehensive repair and refurbishment service, which ranges from repairing or replacing minor components, to a complete refurbishment and overhaul project for all types of traction and hydraulic lifts.

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  • I just wanted to say thank you for sending such a fantastic proactive team today, they were absolutely fantastic and I look forward to seeing them again.

    Property Services Manager in Devon

  • Thanks for your prompt reply, the service from Ideal lifts has been excellent. I would like to go ahead with the works, a considerably better price than our current lift maintenance provider!

    Operations Manager at production facility in East Devon

  • Everything seems to be working well, your engineer was polite and cleaned after he worked. We look forward to working with you in the near future.  

    Manager of medical practice in Surrey

  • We must say your chaps were a pleasure to have there, they were so quiet, cheerful and really helpful operating the lift for us when they could. Really good job all round and many thanks for looking after us so well.

    Care Home owner in Cornwall

  • The resident directors are really happy with the engineers that attended a few weeks ago to replace the flexes.

    Property Manager in Somerset

  • I just wanted to give some feedback about the engineer that attended today, as he was extremely helpful and experienced. He was here for long time and did not leave until he had got to the bottom of the issue. The guy today was very helpful, we really appreciate that, thank you.

    Resident Service Manager at Property Management company in Berkshire

  • I would like to pass on my thanks to your Service Supervisor for his professionalism and help in repairing my lift.

    Platform Lift Owner in Mid-Devon

  • Thanks for the detailed report, we are grateful for your engineers skill.

    Property Manager in North Devon

  • I really appreciate your help. You have been extremely helpful and patient, and the gentleman who came to take the details was exceptional. I would most certainly recommend Ideal to anyone in the future.

    Director of Property Management Company in Cheltenham

  • We like your engineer very much, he really knows his stuff. This also goes for the quick response time from yourselves.

    Office Manager in Gloucester

  • We are very pleased with the service you give us and the lift is working better than ever before

    Manager of registered charity in Reading

  • Just a short note to confirm that [your repair engineers] have done a good job in replacing the floor and threshold strip in the lift. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter – I just wish all contractors were as efficient and caring as Ideal Lifts.

    Director of Property Management Company in Truro, Cornwall

  • May I just comment on how efficient and responsive I have found your team to be; you are extremely helpful and have provided excellent service – I am really impressed with Ideal Lifts

    Business Operations Manager at Tuition and Publications business, Feltham

  • The Engineer who has come out to us is excellent, very prompt, explains everything and is very friendly.

    Private platform lift owner in Somerset

  • [You have] competent and well-informed engineers who share their approach to the problem and are proud to relate the working standards that they adhere to.

    Property Committee Elder at a church in Wiltshire

  • Your engineer put right a fault which 3 engineers and 1 technician [from another lift company] failed to achieve. I found his diligence to the job refreshing and helpful.

    Director of Museum in Southampton

  • Your engineer is very pleasant and always explains what has been carried out. A pleasure to have around.

    Business Centre Manager in Gloucester

  • Communication is excellent, I’m always aware of when an engineer will be attending.

    Care Home Manager in Plymouth

Urgent Lift Repair and Replacement Works

When your lift develops a fault, you need a quick, reliable and supportive team to assist you.

We have a network of directly employed engineers located strategically across the country, so we are never far away when you need us.

We carry a wide variety of spare parts on our van stock, reducing the chance that a return visit is required.

What we don’t have on the vans, we most likely have in our stores, or available next day from our list of reliable UK and EU based suppliers.

All of our contract customers get priority access to our 24-hour emergency callout service.

Lift Overhaul and Refurbishment

Sometimes when problems start to occur with your lift, it can become daunting to consider the costs of repairs and the disruption to your building’s daily operations. Fortunately, most performance issues can be resolved with the replacement of obsolete parts to newer, more efficient equipment.
  • Has your lift been breaking down regularly?
  • Are there long waiting times for your lift to reach the desired floor, or is there inaccurate floor leveling?
  • Does the lift cause accessibility issues for less-able building users?
  • Is the lift noticeably noisy or is there more movement in the travel than normal?
  • Have you noticed the building’s power usage increasing?
  • Is your lift more than 20 years old and now showing its age?

Overhaul and refurbishment projects are unique to each lift, and we always offer our best advice and options in order to achieve the most successful, efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Safety and Reliability Requirements

Keep your lift in conformance with the latest standards and regulations.

We can carry out a safety, compliance and condition survey on your lift to establish its conformity to BS7255, EN81-70 & EN81-80 and overall condition.

This survey covers over 180 points and on completion we summarise, prioritise and provide a detailed report of our findings alongside our recommendations and quotations.

Our report provides a full overview of the condition of your lift, in terms of safety and reliability, enabling you to prioritise and budget for any recommended works, rather than potentially having the surprise of new quotations following each service visit.

This report can also form a bench mark test for potential contract upgrade to advanced levels of cover, and often gets the bottom of any repeat callout issues you may be experiencing.

Environmental Efficiency and Energy Saving

Save energy and comply with ISO 14001

We can offer a variety of energy saving and earth friendly options to include:

  • Low energy LED car, shaft and motor room lighting
  • Sensors which turn the car lighting off when it’s not in use
  • Control system upgrades to increase energy efficiency and put systems to ‘sleep’ when not in use
  • Eco-friendly hydraulic oil and lubricants

For lifts with obsolete parts we also explore specialist PCB and component repairs to keep your lift running and prevent having to replace complete systems where possible.

We have a waste carriers license and always dispose of old sundries and equipment in an environmentally safe way.

Aesthetic Lift Modernisation

Make your lift look brand new, enhancing the appearance and value of your property.

In car modernisation projects are always unique, and we tailor our quotations to your specific requirements in order to enact your vision in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Car interiors can be built to match and compliment your building finishes.

We offer a full range of interiors, from basic cost-effective solutions to high-end hand-crafted finishes.

Vandal resistant fixtures and fittings are available as options.

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