The Ideal IL2 Pitlow hybrid design offers much of the functionally of a conventional Passenger Lift, with a fully enclosed cabin and automatic ‘one touch’ controls. The IL2 Pitlow can be frame or wall mounted and will fit where lift shaft sizes or pit and headroom dimensions are an issue.

Ideal Lifts Ltd are proud to offer our clients the Ideal solution for your project.

In keeping with EN81-41, the speed is limited to 0.15m/s and the IL2 Pitlow has a drive system designed for moderate use up to 25 lift movements per hour.


  • Low running and maintenance costs due to the low power consumption with a single phase 240v supply
  • Low 150mm pit depth with optional 100mm
  • Low 2500mm headroom
  • Up to *12m travel
  • Shaft sizes from as little as 1150mm wide x 1150 deep
  • Large range of car sizes from ultra-compact 800mm wide x 900mm deep to 1100mm wide x 1400mm deep
  • Single entry, through car & adjacent entry
  • LED lighting in car ceiling for low energy use
  • Two-panel stainless steel side opening car doors with full height light ray protection ensures the lift exceeds regulations and offers the highest safety standards
  • Two panel side opening landing doors with option for satin stainless steel

* Travel over 4m; based on a speed of 0.15m/s journey time to be taken into consideration

Ultra Compact

Ultra compact cost effective passenger lifts within traditional concrete block or brick shafts. Our range also includes adjacent entry traction drive.

For very restrictive spaces our wall mounted single entry 8 person (motor roomless gearless traction drive) requires only 1500mm wide x 1650mm deep shaft.

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8 person – 630KG Ultra Compact

6 person – 450KG Ultra Compact

4 person – 320KG Ultra Compact

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